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There are many companies that offer help in constructing your CV and marketing yourself to prospective employers - but this is only part of the picture. What makes us different is that we encourage you to take a step back and get a clear understanding of your priorities, values, motives and talents. With this in place we can then help you to get the right job for you through effective planning, marketing and interview performance.

With over 10 years experience of designing recruitment methods for private and public sector organisations we know what employers look for. We can help you to secure the right job for you whether you are starting, changing or developing your career.

The effective assessment of an individual's skills, abilities, working styles and motivations is one of the most highly researched areas of work psychology. Our career coaching services are developed from a combination of best practice lessons from this field and extensive experience of everyday recruitment practices within organisations.

As qualified work psychologists we are bound by the professional code of ethical conduct of the British Psychological Society.

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