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Career Coaching Programmes

You can select from a range of options to suit your personal requirements, your preferences and your pocket.

Complete our online questionnaire to help you to tailor the best programme for you.

Career Coaching Gold – Individual Programme

Career Coaching Gold is highly tailored to your personal circumstances and requirements. It incorporates a series of one to one sessions that can cover all four stages of the career coaching process or be customized to suit your needs. The coaching objectives, number of sessions needed and timescales are discussed and agreed with you in the initial session.

An initial free consultation is provided to establish the suitability of career coaching to your personal requirements.

Career Coaching Silver – Group Programme

Career Coaching Silver is an open course delivered over two separate days. You will be taken through an intensive programme that introduces a range of tools and techniques for understanding your personal strengths and potential, identifying your preferred career and taking action to get it. Many people find it highly valuable to work through the programme with others who are in the same situation. And it can be fun!

You will need to carry out preparation work in advance of the course and in between day one and two which are held one week apart.

Career Coaching Bronze – Evening Group Programme

Career Coaching Bronze involves a series of sessions, one evening a week over a four week period. It provides easily accessible tips and techniques and the opportunity to put them into practice. Informal and interactive, the Bronze programme will appeal if you're the kind of person that enjoys learning with others.

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