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Career Coaching Questionnaire

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Are you clear what your personal strengths are?
Do you know what type of work makes you most happy?
Do you understand the types of environment you work best in?
Can you easily articulate your experience and areas of expertise?
Do you understand how your personality can help you to find a job you'll love?
Are you clear about what you want to achieve in life?
Do you know the types of role in which you are likely to excel?
Do you understand how you can transfer your existing skills to a new role or career?
Do you understand what your career options are?
Can you see a range of career options but need help focusing on the right one for you?
Do you lack confidence in your ability to go for the job of your dreams?
Do you worry that if you change careers you'll be letting yourself or others down?
Would it help to have a clear plan for how you can secure the right job for you?
Are you clear of where you can get help to achieve your career goals?
Are you worried what impact changing career will have on your lifestyle?
Are you unsure how to go about searching for jobs?
Do you need help writing your CV/making applications?
Do you know how to differentiate yourself from the competition?
Are you nervous when faced with an interview
Would it help to receive feedback on your interviewing style?
Would you like individual support from your career coach?
Would it be helpful to experience career coaching along with others?

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