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What Does Career Coaching Involve?

Finding the right career requires a good degree of self insight. You need to understand what strengths you have to offer and in what types of role you are likely to excel. 'You also need to promote yourself with a strong CV / applications and be able to put yourself across convincingly in interviews.

There are four key stages to the Deakin Carmichael career coaching process:

Understanding personal strengths and potential - The starting point to identifying your career options and preferences is self understanding. We enable you to recognise the personal qualities that set you apart from the rest. If you're changing your career we help you to explore your requirements for the future and identify your transferable skills and personal strengths.
Identifying career options – Having developed a good understanding of your personal strengths and potential, you will then be in a position to identify a range of career options that are both realistic and challenging.
Establishing a career plan - Once you have a clear idea of your preferred career, you need a plan of action to ensure that progress is made. We explore with you what might hold you back or prevent you from securing your preferred career and what will help you to achieve your goal.
Techniques for getting the job – Then it's time for practical advice on effective job searching, marketing yourself, producing a strong CV and preparing for interviews. We can take you through interview practice sessions so you can learn how to overcome nerves and make the best possible impression.

Deakin Carmichael provide a range of individual and group career coaching services which allow you to tailor a programme to suit your own specific needs.

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