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Choosing A Career

When faced with selecting a career or job hunting many of us start at the wrong place.

Instead of understanding what skills come easily to us, what activities we most enjoy and what makes us feel motivated and energised, we drift into jobs or careers based on what is on offer, and easily accessible at the time.

Then one day we realise that we're bored, stressed or unfulfilled and that we'd really rather be doing something else…

At this point we find that there's lots of advice on CV writing and interview techniques, but what if…

•  we can't decide what career is right for us?

•  we want to change career but are unsure what our options are? or...

•  we're not even sure we have the confidence to ‘go for it'

It's in circumstances such as these that more and more people are enlisting the help of qualified career coaches, so that they can manage their own careers.

And it's not just about finding the right job. In today's ever more competitive job market employers rarely offer jobs for life and individuals who are able to manage their own career progression are highly desirable employees.

As qualified work psychologists Deakin Carmichael help you to discover what jobs and careers are best suited to your personality, personal strengths and potential  and how you can achieve them.

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